It is through the guidance of the Prophet  that we came to know the relevant features of the divine existence, attributes, and facts about Allah’s pleasures and displeasures. All of these were revealed to them through direct wahii or angels. Many matters of worldly losses and gains, therefore, came to light through
the angels.

Many angels have been appointed to do tasks that are beneficial to us and they are discharging their dutieswith Allah’s leave. That is why Allah’s rights also include the rights due to the prophets and the angels . The favours granted us by the last of the prophets, Muhammad  being the greatest of the prophets, his rights due by us are also the greatest.

Some of those rights are as follows:

  1. To believe in the prophethood of the Holy prophet  and him being the last messenger of Allah.
  2. To obey him in all commands and injunctions.
  3. To love him more than our parents, spouses, children, or anyone else in the world.
  4. To send blessings (Salat) and salutations of peace (Salam) upon him regularly.
  5. To try and follow his sunnah in every walk of life.
    The rights of the honourable angels are as follows:
  6. To believe in the reality of their existence.
  7. To believe that they are innocent and can commit no sins.
  8. To pronounce the salutary words “alaihis salaam” upon them.
  9. To avoid entering a mosque after eating strong smelling food, or emitting wind as these offend the angels. There
    are many other acts that displease them which must be avoided, for example, to keep photos and pictures, to keep
    dogs in the house, to lie; to delay, through laziness, taking bath to purify the body from coition (Ghusl-e-Janabat)
    thereby missing prayers; to unnecessarily lay bare the body even in privacy.

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