Ashrafia Girls College, Lahore

Ashrafia Girls College Lahore

A modern education system along with the virtues of Islamic sciences and jurisprudence Jamia Ashrafia Lahore is a distinguished institution of Islamic education in Pakistan whose highest degree is M.A. according to official notification by Pakistan University Grants Commission. Islamiat and M.A. It has been declared equal to Arabic.

We are very happy to announce that under the auspices of this higher education institution, a high quality residential institution named Ashrafiya Girls College is planned to teach a curriculum based on the good combination of modern education and religious education of Islamia Madrasahs for women. has been made. The construction of the four-storey building has already started and at the time of writing, the second floor is in the final stages of completion. This exemplary project, which provides Islamic studies based on memorization and Tajweed of the Qur’an and 4-year Islamic studies in addition to general secondary O-Level and higher secondary A-Level education in a very comfortable and pleasant environment, is an exemplary project. It is under construction for a total cost estimate of around Rs.150 Million (Pak.Rs.150 Million).

All modern educational and residential facilities are being provided in this college which is available in any higher education institution in the world.
This college will provide highly qualified teachers and a very suitable learning environment in fully air-conditioned classrooms for local students and teenage girls coming to Pakistan for education from western countries. Immediate medical treatment facilities will also be provided on the spot.
It is our intention that Ashrafia Girls College should be an exemplary institution in which under the supervision of the university, the environment of getting the highest religious and worldly education is available for the students of the present age according to the Islamic teachings and with the modern trends and modern technological equipment. Familiarization facilities are also available.

How to get Admission

On general seats admissions are granted on merit. However first fifty candidates of all courses who deposit their registration fee (five thousand only) definitely get admission.The rest of the candidates will get admission according to the merit list.

Admission form

Following documents will be attached to the admission form.

1) Seven pictures (without attested) are attached with form blue background for B.A Students.
2) Seven Pictures (without attasted) are attached with form five blue background and two white background for F.A Students.
3) Matric/ F.A result card (5 copies of each)
4) Father/ Guardian I.D card (5 copies)
5) Student “B” form/ I.D card (5 copies)
6) Character certificate (1 copy)
7) The Original N.O.C (migration certificate) in case the applicant is from a board other then Lahore.
Note: Computer downloaded result cards are not acceptable. 

The programs we are offering are as follows:

Intermidiate :

  1. F.A /F.A (IT)
  2. I.C.S (with Physics, Ecnomics, Statistics)
  3. FSC
  4. ADP


  1. Islamiat
  2. Arabic
  3. English lit
  4. Alima Course 6 Years

Assistance Schlorship

Schlorship in form of fee concession is granted to poor and needy students from ZAKAT FUND.

(Only those who desrve Zakat are entitled)

Visit Admin Office to get more details about fees.

Uniform Winter/Summer

  • White shalwar qamiz
  • Cotton Dupatta
  • Black gown & Black Scarf
  • Black sweater & Black shawl (warm)
  • Black Socks (simple)
  • Black shoes (open shoes & heels are not allowed)
  • Veil is compulsory for each student


It is necessary to purchase the first uniform from college in order to get the correct pattern and style. Set of Islamic books can be purchased from college.


O423-7429999 / 0336-1346729

From: Administration Madrasa Al- Jamia Ashrafia Lahore.