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A contemporary way of learning Islam and developing fundamental skills under the supervision of our Ulemas.

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The Community

 Our chancellor, teachers, administrators and even students are leaders in their field and are engaged in the virtue of Islamic teaching and innovative researches. 

Our mentors

 We feel proud to mention our elders- scholars of high prestige and honour, those who dedicated their lives for the noble cause. 

Our chancellors (1947-till date)

The legacy trailing back to the founder of Jamia Ashrafia and his sons who devoted their entire lives for the wellbeing of the Ummah and the Pakistani nation.

Notable Alumni

From 1947, graduates of Jamia Ashrafia have been honoured for their services in variety of fields, spreading the alumni network all over a globe.

Our Ancillaries

The endless opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge of Islam and enlighten the world with its illumination and brightness.


With support from people like you, the lives of many deserving ones are changed.The process consists of a few easy steps but the impact will last a lifetime.

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  A few statistics of Jamia Ashrafia.  









Jamia's Brief Introduction

Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore a premier seat of Islamic learning was founded by an extremely pious dignitary Maulana Mufti Muhammad Hassan (RA) in September 1947, soon zafter the creation of Pakistan; and since then it has been serving the cause of Islamic education with missionary spirit to inculcate the humanitarian values among its pupils & associates as ordained by Allah – the Solo Creator of the Universe.

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