Madrassa Faisal Lil Banaat

Madrassa Faisal Lil Banaat

A legacy that trails back to 1975, empowering women in the perfect way through Islamic brilliance . This Jamia also has the honor that apart from men, this institution also started higher religious centers for women in the dear country of Pakistan in 1975 with the prayers of the present Reverend Jamia Ibnul Hasan Hazrat Maulana Mufti Ubaidullah Mudzilla.

Admission Requirements:

This central women’s Madrasah Faisal for Women is located in Model Town Lahore and every year hundreds of girls become Ulama, Fazila, Hafiza and Qaria and become a guiding light for women in the society.

    Admission requirements for each department :


   1  : For admission to the Department of Hifz And Nazra:

 (a) Primary pass. (b) Must have requisite mental capacity.

   2  : Department of Tajweed and Recitation: 

  (a) It is necessary to have Hafizah and a certificate of memorization from the Federation of Al-Madaris al-Arabiya for         the course of Tajweed and Recitation.

   3:Department of Tajweed Lil Ulamat: 

    For the Tajweed Lil Alamat course, the six-year-old of the Federation of Al-Madaris Al-Arabiya must have a certificate      of Course al-Alamiya.
   4: Department of Dars E Nizami : 

     Matriculation is mandatory for admission in this department. Also read Nazra Quran.One should have the ability to             read and write Urdu for admission.

   Note: The following certificates are required to be submitted for admission to each branch. 

    (1) Medical certificate. (2)          Character Certificate


From: Administration Madrasa Al- Jamia Ashrafia Lahore.