Umm-ul-Momineen Syeda Hazrat Ayesha

Hazrat Ayesha was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakar Sadique. Her mother’s name was Zainab and Ume Roman was her mother’s label.

Hazrat Ayesha did not have any children, but her label Ume Abdullah was after her nephew Abdullah bin Zubair. After Hazrat Sawdah, she married Hazrat Muhammad pbuh on the 10th of the month of Shawal.

Khawla Bint Hakeem gave a marriage proposal of Hazrat Muhammad for Hazrat Ayesha. Hazrat Abu Bakar said:

“Mausam Bin Aadi gave a proposal of his son Jabair for Ayesha and I have accepted that.”

Hazrat Abu Bakar said this and went straight to Mausam’s house and said: “What would you say about the Nikkah”. Mausam asked his wife about it and his wife said to Hazrat Abu Bakar: “I am worried that my son might become irreligious and leave his religion to accept your religion”.

Hazrat Abu Bakar looked at Mausam and asked for his response to this statement. He said, “You have listened to what my wife said”.

Hazrat Abu Bakar understood that Mausam and his wife no longer wanted to keep this relationship and he was not bound to their promise. He went home and said to Hazrat Khawla: “I agree to Hazrat Muhammad’s proposal, he can come whenever he wants”.

Therefore, Hazrat Muhammad pbuh came and nikkah was done. Haq Mehar was Four hundred Dirhams. Three years before migration, the Holy Prophet married Hazrat Ayesha on the 10th Shawal. At that time, she was 6 years old.  Eight months after migration, Rukssati was done, and she was 9 years old. She was married to the Holy Prophet for 9 years. When the Holy Prophet died, she was 18 years old. She died at the age of 66 in Madina and was buried at nighttime in Baqiya. Namaz e Janazah was performed by Hazrat Abu Hurairah and both sons of Hazrat Zubair buried her in her grave.

According to Abu Saed Khadri, Holy Prophet said: “I have never married any women until a revelation by Jibrael came and this also happened when I married Ayesha”.

In Jamia tar Mazi, according to Abdullah bin Marwi, the Holy prophet said: “Jibrael came to me and said that Allah has decided my Nikkah with Hazrat Abu Bakar’s daughter and bought a picture of Hazrat Ayesha to show me and called her my wife”.

Hazrat Ayesha was the daughter of Hazrat Abu Bakar. Roman was her mother. The Holy prophet said: “Whoever wants to see Hoorain can look at Ume Roman”.

This shows the importance of Hazrat Ayesha’s family for Hazrat Muhammad Pbuh. Hazrat Ayesha was very intelligent from the age of 9. After the death of the Holy Prophet, if any Sahaba felt any difficulty, they would come up to Hazrat Ayesha for its solution.


According to Hazrat Zahri, If we compare the knowledge of Hazrat Ayesha to all other women, the knowledge of Hazrat Ayesha would be greater than all of them.


Asceticism is when you are not concerned about worldly affairs because that’s the root cause of Gunnah. You establish a connection with Allah and do all the morally upright activities. Let’s discuss an incident.

Ume Darah used to often come to Hazrat Ayesha. Once she witnessed that Abdullah Bin Zubair sent 2 sacks filled with money which were around 1 lac 80 thousand Dirhams. Hazrat Ayesha went to distribute that money immediately while she was fasting and by night, all money was distributed. At iftar time, she ate Roti with Olive oil. Her maid said that she could have saved 1 Dirham and had meat in Iftar. Hazrat Ayesha said that if you had reminded me, I would have done that.

Urwa says that Hazrat Ayesha used to distribute 70 thousand Dirhams among needy people, and she would wear old torn clothes.

Due to these Qualities, the Holy Prophet loved Hazrat Ayesha. He also used to talk about Hazrat Khadija. Whenever the Holy Prophet slaughtered any sheep or any other animal, he would distribute the meat to Hazrat Khadija’s neighbors. Until Hazrat Khadija was alive, the Holy Prophet did not marry anyone else. During his marriage to Hazrat Ayesha, he married 8 women who were all widows. Hazrat Ume Salma and Hazrat Safiah were more beautiful than Hazrat Ayesha. He married them just to spread Islam and to make men learn how to treat women. Men were given education on matters related to marriage and treating women at Masjid Nabwi. Hazrat Ayesha was very knowledgeable in every aspect and due to this reason, after Hazrat Fatima and Khadija, she was considered most respectable.


Hazrat Ayesha had incredible qualities and the Holy Prophet was instructed to marry her so that the later generation could learn lessons from their relationship and follow their path.

Faruk Azam, Abdullah bin Umar, Abu Huraira, Abu Musa, Abdullah bin Hakeem, and Abu Salma bin Abdul Rehman became disciples of the Holy Prophet.

This Nikah of Hazrat Ayesha with the Holy Prophet was not due to any psychological needs but purely based on a revelation from the heavens.


According to Hazrat Ayesha, the holy Prophet once said: “Look Ayesha, he is Jibrael, and he says Salam to you”. She said: “Walikum Asalm, you can look at him, but I cannot”.

According to Abu Musa Ashari, the Holy prophet said that many men have reached perfection but in women, except Hazrat Maryam bin Imran and Asiya Zoja Firoun, no one has reached perfection and Hazrat Ayesha has the highest virtue. Due to this Hadis, Imam Bukhari wrote a separate section on the Virtues of Hazrat Ayesha in his book.

Hazrat Ayesha says that some of my traits were sent to me by Allah which were not given to anyone else except Hazrat Maryam. Those traits are:

  1. The Holy Prophet has not married any virgin women except me.
  2. Before Nikah, angels took my photo to the Holy Prophet, called me his wife, and ordered him to marry me.
  3. I am the daughter of that man who was most beloved by the Holy Prophet.
  4. Ayats were revealed from the heavens about me, and I was born pious and pure, and Allah promised me Magfirat and sustenance.
  5. I have seen Hazrat Jibrael, and no other wife of the Holy Prophet has seen him.
  6. When Hazrat Jibrael used to bring revelation to the Holy Prophet, I would be present there with him.
  7. I had the privilege to spend 2 nights and 2 days with the Holy Prophet and other wives had 1 day and 1 night. One night and 1 day was Hazrat Ayesha and the other night and day was given to her by Hazrat Sawda because she was old.
  8. At the time of the Holy Prophet’s death, his head was in my lap.
  9. The Holy Prophet was buried in my chamber room.

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