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Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza

Allah SubhanoTalla has sent some personalities to this world whose lives were pure; characters were so exceptional that the entire world is proud of them. Their name is written in history with golden words. People feel delighted to follow their path in their lives. Expressing devotion to them is the source of redemption. Among these charismatic personalities, one name is Khalifa Rashid, Abu Tarab Haider Karar, Asadullah Al Ghalib, Fatha Khaber, Husnanin Karemeen’s father and Hazrat Fatima’s husband’s name Hazrat Ali Al Murtaza.

Hazrat Ali is that religious personality who had the privilege of being brought up at Prophet Muhammad’s house.

Hazrat Ali is that lucky personality who was called by the surname of Abu Tarab by the Holy Prophet, was married to the Holy Prophet’s loving daughter Hazrat Fatima, and Hazrat Abu Bakar and Syed Farook Azam gave the idea of marrying Hazrat Ali to Hazrat Fatima. All these things indicate how much love they all had for Hazrat Ali.

According to Imam Ahmad bin Hambal, Hazrat Ali is the only name that has been frequently used in many narratives.

A narrative about Hazrat Ali

Once Holy Prophet was talking about the virtues of Khilaf-e-Arba and he said the following about Hazrat Ali “O Allah, turn away the truth wherever is the side of Ali”.

This hadith is a clear indication of the virtue of Hazrat Ali. The holy prophet considered love for Ali as an indication of faith.

According to Hazrat Imam Salma, the Holy Prophet said that those who do not love Hazrat Ali are Hypocrites and those who love Ali are true Momins.

During the time of migration to Madina, the Holy Prophet called Hazrat Ali his brother. The loveable bond of Hazrat Ali and Prophet Muhammad is exceptional.

Hazrat Anas says that once the Holy Prophet got the meat of a very rare bird, the holy prophet prayed to Allah to send the most loveable person to share the meat. Hazrat Ali came, and they both ate it together.

During the time of the battle of Khyber, one Qila was unable to win. The Holy Prophet said that he would give a flag to a person who loves the prophet of Allah, and Allah and his prophet love him. (Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqas said that he wanted to get this privilege). But the Holy Prophet called Hazrat Ali and ordered him. Hazrat Ali had pain in his eye, holy prophet touched Hazrat Ali’s eye with his Laraib and gave him the flag. Allah granted victory to Hazrat Ali.

This Hadith tells that Holy Prophet had so much faith in Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Ali was known for his bravery.

نَدْعُ اَبْنَآءَنَا وَ اَبْنَآءَكُمْ وَ نِسَآءَنَا وَ نِسَآءَكُمْ وَ اَنْفُسَنَا وَ اَنْفُسَكُمْ

When the following Ayat was revealed, Holy Prophet called Hazrat Fatima, hazrat Ali, and Hazrat Hussain and called them his Ahl-al-Bait. الھم ھولاء اھل بیتی

The following is an example that shows Hazrat Ali preferred his religion over this world and did not let this world ride on his head.

Hazrat Ali narrated that once the Holy Prophet said that he would give Hazrat Ali 5000 goats or make him learn some good pieces of advice/words which will make both his life and religion easy. Hazrat Ali replied that 5000 goats are a lot, he just wanted to learn that piece of advice.  The holy prophet asked him to read the following:

للّهُمَّ اغْفِرْ لِيْ ذَنْبِيْ وَوَسِّعْ خُلُقِيْ وَطَيِّبْ لِيْ كَسْبِيْ وَقَنِّعْنِيْ بِمَا رَزَقْتَنِيْ ولَا تُذْهِبْ طَلَبِيْ إِلَى شَيْءٍ صَرَّفْتَه عَنِّي

“O Allah, please forgive my sins, make my income free from Haram and give contentment in my earnings, and don’t let my heart want what is taken from me”.

In the end, the following is a tribute to Hazrat Ali:

On the 17th Ramzan, Hazrat Ali was injured by the hands of Ibn Muljim during the time of offering Fajar and received shahadat on the 18th of Ramazan.

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