Martyrs of the Battle of Badr

1: Ubaida bin Haris bin Mutalib Muhajari:

He lost his foot during the battle and died when he reached Safa. The Holy Prophet buried him at safa. It is said that once Holy Prophet was accompanying his companions and one of his companions said “Oh holy prophet, I could smell musk here, holy prophet was surprised and said, here is the grave of Abu Muaviya”. Abu Muaviya was the sir name of Hazrat Ubaida bin Haris. This shows the significance of martyrs of Badar.

2: Umair Bin Abi Waqas Muhajari:

He was the younger brother of Saad bin Abi Waqas. Saad bin Abi Waqas said: “When people were gathered for the battle of Badar, I was trying to hide my brother Umair”. Hazrat Umair said “Holy Prophet will not allow me to go for battle because I am very young, but I want to go for the battle, I might receive the rank of martyrdom.” At the time when the Holy Prophet was examining the armed people, he ordered to return Hazrat Umair because of his young age. Hazrat Umair started crying because he wanted to go. By looking at his enthusiasm, the holy prophet allowed him to go to the battle. He went to the battle and received the title of youngest martyr of Badar. He was just 16 years old at that time. The title of martyrdom is not ordinary, those who receive it are considered the luckiest in Islam.

3: Zhush-Shimalyn bin Umar Hajveri:

According to Imam Zuhari and Ibn Saad bin Samani, Zoladayn and Shimalyn are 2 names of one person, and for democratic muhadditheen, these are 2 people. Zhush-Shimalyn got martyred in the battle of Badar and Zoladayn is still alive after Prophet Muhammad.

4: Aaqil Bin Bukair Muhajri:

He was converted to Islam. His first name was Ghafil. The Holy Prophet changed it to Aaqil. He was martyred in the battle of Badar at the age of thirty-four.

6: Mihja Bin Saliha Moli Umar Bin Khitab:

According to Saed Bin Musaib, at the time of his martyrdom, these were his last words.

“I am Mihja and I am returning to my Lord”.

7: Safwan Bin bezaa Muhajiri:

According to Ibn Ishaq Musa Bin Aqba and Ibn Saad, he was martyred by Taema bin Adi. Ibn Habana says he was martyred in year 30 and Hakim says he died in year 38.

8: Saad bin Khaythama Ansari:

Saad was martyred in the battle of Badar. His father Khaythama was martyred in Ballte of Uhad. The Holy Prophet gave him the title of Bani Umar. When the Holy Prophet was asking his companions to go to the Battle of Badar, Khaythama wanted to go and asked his son to stay home to protect the women and children. Saad was very determined to go and earn the title of martyrdom. Therefore, a lottery was done, and Hazrat Saad’s name was drawn. He went to the battle and was martyred.

9: Umair Bin Alhamam Ansari:

According to Sahi Muslim, the Holy Prophet said this on the day of the battle of Badar:

“O people let’s go towards heaven which is equivalent to the earth and the sky. Umair Ansari was amazed and said: “Wow”. The Holy Prophet said, “O Umair which thing convinced you to get amazed by this”.

Umair said: “O Prophet, I swear by Allah nothing but the possibility of entering paradise made me say this”.

The Holy Prophet said: “There is no doubt you will enter paradise”.

According to Ibn Ishaq, these were his last words.

10: Muawidh Bin Haris Ansari:

These were two brothers, and their father’s name was Ufara. According to Abdullah bin Masood, when these martyrs were asked what they wanted, they said “There is nothing greater than entering Jannah and we have received this opportunity”. When they were asked for the fourth time about what they wanted, they said, “O Allah, we want our souls to be returned to our bodies so that we can again get martyred in the name of Allah”.

11: Bashir Bin Haris Ansari

12: Yazid Bin Haris Ansari

13: Rafi Bin Mualla Ansari

14: Haritha Bin Suraqa Ansari

15: Awf Bin Haris Ansari