Jamia ashrafia Lahore - Observations of Visitors

JAMIA ASHRAFIA LAHORE is a reputed Institution of Islamic learning. A good number of distinguished dignitaries including the high ranking delegations from home & abroad visit JAMIA oft & on; and are presented a brief review of JAMIA'S routine system of education and the projects-in-hand relating to the propagation of the message of Islam though means of modern IT.

It is heartening to place on record that all distinguished visitors & delegations invariably return highly impressed to witness our system in vogue – inclusive of the basic teachings of Quran & Ahadith and the related subjects. The visitors are particularly delighted to note the merging of the national system of education with the extensive Darse-Nizami curriculum of Islamic Studies. The abridged 4-year course of Islamic Studies specifically designed for graduates of national Universities and the establishment of ASHRAFIA GIRLS COLLEGE are invariably considered a unique initiatives of the JAMIA to abridge the gap between the two prevalent systems of education.

The opinions expressed by some of the visitors & delegations in this regard are therefore being placed on JAMIA'S website www.jamiaashrafia.org for information & perusal of the well-wishers of JAMIA – with the request to pray that Allah may grant us the capability & capacity to continue this service for the good name & elevation of Islam.



Since JAMIA ASHRAFIA LAHORE has earned the reputation of being oldest Islamic University of Pakistan, the reputed Islamic scholars from Muslim countries and other distinguished dignitaries often visit the JAMIA. It is not possible to reproduce the complete list of all visitors, however the names of only a few are being recorded below:

1.Mufti Muhammad Shafi (RA) 24-4-1386 H Raees, Darul Uloom Karachi, Pakistan

2. Qari Muhammad Tayyab (RA) 28-7-1388 H Raees, Darul Uloom Deoband, India

3. Maulana Khair Muhammad Jallandhary (RA) 30-9-1386 H Raees, Khairul Madaris Multan, Pakistan Many other Ulama & Mashaikh of Pakistan and the sub-continent around have also been frequently visiting JAMIA ASHRAFIA.

4. Sheikh Abdul Bant Mohammad Abdul Rehman 1386 H United Arab Republic

5. Al-Sheikh Mehmood Asari Raeesul Qurra Al’Aalimal Islam

6. Delegation from Iraq headed by Sheikh Salahudin 29-10-1386 H Al-Baghdad, Iraq

7. Sheikh Abdul Rehman Koresary 29-10-1386 H Imam Jamiatul Bazia, Istamtul, Turkey

8. Delegation of Rabita Aalim-e-Islami 3-11-1386 H Lead by Al-Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Secretary General

9. Al-Sheikh Lutfi Ali Ahmad 9-11-1387 H Secretary, Ministry of Justice United Arab Republic

10. Delegation of the Chiefs of Auqaf Baghdad 1387 H Lead by Al-Sheikhul Abdul Ghani Raees Majlisul Auqaf Baghdad

11. Delegation of the Senior Ulama lead by Al-Sheikh Mansoorul Mahjoob, 14-11-1387 H Advisor, Department of Justice & Faculty of senior scholars

12. Delegation of the Ministry of Hajj & Auqaf, Saudia headed by 17-7-3696 H Al-Sheikh Abdul Mohsin Director Hajj & Auqaf Saudia

13. Delegation of JAMIAT-UL-AZHAR 22-2-1394 H headed by Sheikhul Azhar Abdul Haleem

14. Al-Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Saleh 28-2-1986 H Imam & Khatab Masjidun Nabawi Madina Munawwara

15. Al-Sheikh Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Sabeel 8-3-1396 H Imam Majid-ul-Haram Makkah Mukarrama

16. Al-Sheikh Hassan Khalid Al-Mufti 6-3-1396 H Republic of Lebanon

17. Al-Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bin Abdullah Bin Hassan Aal Sheikh 1396 H Imam & Khateebul Haram Makki

18. Al-Sheikh Abdullah Bin Aqeeul Aql 9-7-1398 H Director Islamic Affairs, Ministry of Auqaf & Islamic Affairs Kuwait

19. Al-Sheikh Riazul Khateeb 16-8-1398 H Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabic in Pakistan

20. Al-Sheikh Abdul Hassan Ali Al-Hussaini Al-Nadavi 21-8-1398H/25-6-1418 H

21. Delegation of Jamia Islamiyya Madina Munawwara 16-5-1399 H headed by Secretary General Al-Sheikh Umar Muhammad

22. Delegation of the Chiefs of Islamic Research, Ifta, Al-D’awa & Al-Irshad, 1.2.1398 H Riyaz, Kingdom of Saudi; headed by Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman

23. Dr. Al-Sheikh Abdul Fattah Bin Muhammad Abdu Ghada Al-Haleemi 17-10-1399 H Professor, University of Imam Muhammad Bin Saudul Islamiyya Riyad

24. Al-Sheikh Ismaeel Bin Saeedul Ateeq 3-2-1400 H Editor, Masaed-Lil-D’awa, Makkahtul Mukarramah

25. Delegation of Islamic University Madinatul Munawwara 4-5-1401 H headed by the Vice Chancellor Dr. Salah Abdul Rahman Al-Mazroo

26. Delegation of Iraqi Scholars headed by 11-7-1402 H Dr. Al-Sheikh Muhammad Shareef Ahmad & Dr. Salahul Ghamdi Ministry of Auqaf & Religions Affairs Republic of Iraq

27. Al-Sheikh Mnawwar Balal Al-‘Awazi 10-11-1402 H Head, Faculty of the Holy Qur’an, University of Madinatul Munawwara

28. Al-Sheikh Muhammad Ali Yousaf 23-10-1402 H Director Agency of Abna-il-Mashriq in Pakistan

29. Dr. Ahmad Haikal 21-2-1383 H Rector Al-Azhar University Egypt

30. Al-Sheikh Mahmood Ibrahim Bin Ahmad Din 21-2-1983 AD Director Religion Affairs, Saudi Arabia

31. Al-Sheikh Salahuddin Abbas & Al-Sheikh Mustafa Badali 10-10-1404 H Religions Information Teachers, Ministry of Defence Tabrook - Saudia

32. Delegation of Islamic University, Madinatul Manawwara 10-10-1405 H Headed by Dr. Abdullah Al,I Abu Yousaf Head faculty of Hadith

33. Al-Sheikh Dr. Sher Muhammad Zaman 1466 H Director, Institute of Islamic Research Islamabad, Pakistan

34. Delegation of the Al-Azhar University 14-3-1406 H Headed by Sheikhul Azhar Dr. Jarullah Ali Jarullah

35. Al-Sheikh Muhammad Sami 30-11-1988 AD Ambassador of Egypt in Pakistan

36. Delegation of Chinese Ulama 11-4-1988 AD Headed by Al-Sheikh Suleman Janeeyandoo

37. Al-Sheikh Muhammad Bin Juma’ Bin Salim 3-2-1409 H Secretary, Ministry of Islamic Affairs & Auqaf United Arab Republic

38. Al-Qazi Tora Khanzada 27-7-1970 AD Chief Darul Quza & Islamic Affairs Tajiskan

39. Al-Sheikh Abdul Rahman Barakat 25-9-1991 AD Ameerual Fatwa, Arabi Republic of Suriya & Khateeb Jame Ranza

40. Delegation of the Ulama from Republic of Arabic Suriya 9-2-1992 AD Headed by Al-Sheikh Dr. Ahmad Kuftar Mufti Suria, Raees Majlisul-Ifta

41. Delegation of Rabitatul Aalimul Islami, Makkatul Mukarrama 1412 H Headed by Dr. Abdullah Umar Nazeef Secretary General

42. Al-Sheikh Muhammad Ishaq Madani 17-6-1414 H Republic of Iran, Tehran

43. Al-Sheikh Mahmood Abdul Haq, Chief Rabitatul Msaajid 14-11-1994 AD Imam & Khateeb, Historical Mosque Moscow, Russia

44. Al-Sheikh Dr. Syed Salman Nadvi, 8-3-1998 AD University of Durban, South Africa 27-8-2000 AD/1-10-2001

45. Al-Sheikh Ali Bin Umar Muanwar, 8-8-1421 H Muazzam Masjidul Haram, Makhatul Makarrama

46. Al-Sheikh Mustafa Taseer 9-11-2000 AD Chief of Ulama & Mufti Bosina & Harsah

47. Al-Sheikh Ibrahim Rozi from China 30-8-1987 AD

48. Al-Sheikh Al-Haj Imam Muhammad Younas Malaysia 4-3-1408 H

49. Al-Sheikh Al-Mufti Muhammad Sadiq Muhammad Yousaf 4-2-1411 H Chief Department of Religion Affairs, Kazikistan.

50. Al-Sheikh Akbar Tura Khanzada 4-2-1411 H Chief Darul Qaza & Islamic Affairs, Tajikistan

Sr # Date Name Country
1 7-Mar-05 Vidar Helgesen Norway
2 7-Mar-05 Atle Sommer Feldt Norway
3 8-Mar-05 Mr. Yasin Malik Sardar Karachi
4 15-Mar-05 Amir Al Zumali Egypt
5 22-Mar-05 Zaheer ud Din Behram Islamabad
6 26-Nov-05 Jooh Mayne US Embassy Islamabad
7 26-Nov-05 Sami Cleveniy Islamabad
8 26-Nov-05 Sunggon Kim Islamabad
9 26-Nov-05 Peter Lindsay. M.P Australia
10 26-Nov-05 Peter Howartn Australia
11 26-Nov-05 Arne Saeveraas -
12 26-Nov-05 Dena Daizen Norway
13 26-Nov-05 Mrs. Nasim Riaz Norway
14 26-Nov-05 Kari Vogt Norway
15 26-Nov-05 Juned Akhtar Norway
16 26-Nov-05 Odelligion Liowile Norway
17 26-Nov-05 DAG Naygard Norway
18 14-Dec-05 Hamza bin Shoaib Marakish
19 14-Dec-05 Ahmad Al-Mabrooki Marakish
20 14-Dec-05 Mubarik Aminia Marakish
21 14-Dec-05 Ibn ul Taj Muhammad Marakish
22 14-Dec-05 Moulana Anwar Ul Haq Pakistan
23 14-Dec-05 Moulana Muhammad Sad Pakistan
24 15-Dec-05 Irfan Ali Pakistan
25 15-Dec-05 Naseem ULLAH Khan Baloch Pakistan
26 15-Dec-05 Mrs. Leena Sacim Moazzam Pakistan
27 15-Dec-05 Sardar Saleem Pakistan
28 15-Dec-05 Sohail Mahmood Pakistan
29 4-Feb-06 Parvaiz Nazir Pakistan
30 24-May-06 Akhtar Hayat Pakistan
31 15-Apr-06 Samsudin Mohamed Malaysia
32 - Muhammad Akmal Akber Malaysia
33 - Zulquornain Haji Saleem Malaysia
34 - Mohd Phavdzi Samsudin -
35 15-May-05 Dr. S.M Ijteba Nadim India
36 18-Aug-06 Abdul Sattar Aajiz Pakistan
37 - Lt. Gen. (R) Javid Hasan Pakistan
38 2-Dec-06 Juned Jamshaid Pakistan
39 2-Dec-06 Saeed Anwar Pakistan
40 22-Jan-07 Bryan Hunt Us Consulate Lahore
41 22-Jan-07 Rachael Doherty Pakistan
42 - Nasim Ilyas Pakistan
43 12-May-07 Dr. Roy Hammerling -
44 12-May-07 Adam Kolegzs -
45 12-May-07 Seam Falay USA
46 12-May-07 Andy Patch USA
47 6-Jun-07 Rahat ul Ain Pakistan
48 6-Jun-07 Sami Waheed Pakistan
49 10-Jul-07 Dr. Zulfiqar A. Kazmi USA
50 21-Aug-08 Brig (R) Khan Ahmad Pakistan
51 21-Aug-08 Rashida Bokhari Pakistan
52 25-Aug-07 Walter Russell Mead USA
53 8-Sep-07 Mogens Spang Thomsen Denmark
54 8-Sep-07 Lauge N.S Poulsen UK
55 16-Sep-07 Salman Akhtar Pakistan
56 30-Sep-07 Tomy Ifeuled Us Consulate
57 30-Sep-09 Saba Ghori USA
58 30-Sep-07 Rozina Damanwala -
59 4-Oct-07 Tot Hang Norway
60 4-Oct-07 Espen Rihter Svendsen Norway
61 4-Nov-07 Sardar Yasin Malik Pakistan
62 5-Nov-07 George Saliba USA
63 6-Dec-07 Richard Squire UK Embassy Islamabad
64 13-Dec-07 Sulman Al-Husaini Al-Nadvi India
65 26-Mar-08 Shafeeq Hussain Bukhari Pakistan
66 26-Mar-08 Dost Muhammad Khan Pakistan
67 - G.R. Bloch Pakistan
68 - Arif Cheema Pakistan
69 - Ch. Riaz Mobarik UK
70 23-Sep-08 Visit of National College Pakistan
71 5-Nov-08 Habib Ur Rahman Pakistan
72 25-May-09 Serator Jom Canger USA
73 25-May-09 Senator Tag Haqar USA
74 25-May-09 Senator Jeanne Shaheen USA
75 - Senator Mark Udall USA
76 17-Jun-09 Rolyrk Kvile Embassidor of Norway
77 17-Oct-09 Qian Xurmei China
78 10-Nov-09 Shafeeq Hussain Bukhari Pakistan
79 18-Nov-09 Akram Nadeem Bhacoka Pakistan
80 22-Nov-09 Shahbaz Bhatti Federal Minister of Paksitan